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Custom Lacrosse Medals - Where the Passion for Lacrosse is Forged into Medals

Our business is creating the world's finest custom lacrosse medals for presentation to the lacrosse athlete and fans. Our custom medals are inspired by the real movement and flow of the lacrosse athlete as seen through the eyes of lacrosse fans and players. We aim to capture the history and essence of the lacrosse game into our custom medals the lacrosse athlete will appreciate and cherish for a lifetime. Our commitment to quality and originality is unmatched to ensure our custom lacrosse medals remain unique and to create an exclusive brand of product lacrosse athletes will strive to obtain when competing at events where Laxmedals are awarded.

By choosing Laxmedals, you make your event memorable long after the last whistle of the competition.  We are confident our custom lacrosse medals, key chains, tokens, pins, and whatever you can challenge us to create will be cherished and kept for a lifetime making them valuable pieces of your event success.

Lacrosse Tournament and Recreation League Medals

Our award medals are typically assembled for our customers with a few basic options ordered from most economical and up:

  • Stock medals with stock lanyard (depending on color availability)

  • Stock medals with a custom lanyard

  • Custom medals with custom lanyards.

We strive to be part of every lacrosse event in the world. We understand budgets are always your primary concern, so we work with you to provide our custom medals at an incredible value. Because our medals are so highly valued by their recipients to be kept for a lifetime sponsors love to put their name on our medals. Given the endless impressions provided by our medals we can help turn your award expense into an income generator. We can help you seek out and retain possible sponsors for your medals with complimentary art proofs. 


Our custom lacrosse medals have a few production guidelines. For inquiries please email us at or call 410-205-9862.


  • Be aware of your event dates and when you need the medal in hand.
  • The entire process for production from time of approval of proofs can last between 24 and 40 days plus 7 days shipping time.
  • A 50% deposit is required following the acceptance of the proposal. The balance must be submitted and credited before release of the medals to shipment.
  • Proofs are provided 2-3 days from receipt of deposit.
  • Medal orders under 2,000 pieces can usually be completed and shipped out 21 days from proof of approval. Larger quantities and other production factors may lengthen this estimated time.
  • If Required, a sample of the medal can be provided in 17 days of proof approval.
  • After sample is approved, an additional 17-20 are required for production. Larger orders and other production factors may lengthen this estimated time..
  • Shipment economy air is 7 days to most of the U.S. Ocean 30-35 days.

Just need some medal ideas for quick and easy purchase? Please click here to view our selection of STOCK MEDALS. We can always include our stock medal art into your custom medal design ideas. Our stock medals can be easily customized (min. 40 required) and are available in discounted value packages. 


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